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  Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Support Energy Efficiency in Asian Countries



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Assessment Report

Assessment Report on Energy Efficiency Institutional Arrangements in Asia, 2010
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Guidelines on Strengthening Energy Efficiency Institutions in Asia and the Pacific, 2011



Energy security is among the major concerns of countries in Asia and the Pacific. Punctuating this concern are the overdependence of many of these countries on imported energy resources to meet their increasing energy demand, the volatile prices of oil in the world market, the higher losses in energy production in energy-rich countries, and climate change attributed to the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to burning of fossil fuel.


Under these circumstances, the technical, economic and environmental viability of energy efficiency (EE) has become more pronounced. The promotion of EE as a policy has been identified as an effective tool to manage the demand for energy.

Developing and maintaining wide-scale energy saving policies are considered to be the most reliable, technically acceptable, economically affordable, and environmentally sensible way to overcome the negative consequences of energy production and consumption.


Many governments have recognized the importance of this policy; however, active pursuit of EE still lags behind despite this optimism. EE programmes are mostly not sustained especially at times when oil prices are lower.

Moreover, the capacities of institutions to promote EE are perceived to be weak and challenged. ESCAP, therefore, finds it vital to reduce, if not eliminate, this gap by providing policy options for strengthening institutional capacities.

With support from Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) of the Republic of Korea through the East Asia Climate Partnership, ESCAP had established a project titled 'Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Support Energy Efficiency in Asian Countries' in 2009.

The Energy Security and Water Resources Section, Environment and Development Division of ESCAP serves as the focal point for the project.

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