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  Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Support Energy Efficiency in Asian Countries



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Promoting Energy Efficiency
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Assessment Report

Assessment Report on Energy Efficiency Institutional Arrangements in Asia, 2010
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Guidebook on Strengthening Energy Efficiency Institutions in Asia and the Pacific, 2011


objective: to strengthen the institutional capacity of Asian countries to develop policy options in support of promoting energy efficiency

goal: to see an accelerated and sustained implementation of energy efficiency policy measures in Central, South, and South-East Asian countries

target group: policymakers from 23 Asian countries who are responsible for taking action to establish effective institutional arrangements and appropriate national mechanisms, including standards, codes, and legislation to promote energy efficiency.

This project is among the 17 projects for East Asia Climate Partnership sponsored by the Republic of Korea, and aimed at creating a win-win synergy between climate action and the economy. The Republic of Korea launched the Partnership in 2008.


We collaborate with our project donor, the Korea Energy Management Corporation and our partners in the subregions: the Eurasian Economic Community in Central Asia, and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Energy Centre in South Asia. In addition, we receive support from the ASEAN Centre for Energy.


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